Accessories Your Car Needs for the Winter

As the days grow shorter, and the air gets chillier, you can tell another winter is almost upon us.

Whether you live in the tundras of the Midwest or the desert of the West, winter has its own share of challenges to your driving — from freezing car seats to the roads coated with black ice. You need to fit your vehicle with a few upgrades to roll through the season.

Seat covers

Seat covers protect your car’s upholstery from any stains that you or your passengers may track inside. When the seat covers get wet or too dirty, you can easily uninstall them and clean them with soap and water or toss them into the washing machine.

They get rid of the discomfort of sliding onto a freezing, stiff leather car seat during winter. Seat covers come in a wide range of materials, from canvas covers to nylon bonds. Some of the most popular seat cover brands are Saddleman, CalTrend and Seat Designs.


You can’t put a price on peace of mind. And, as visibility worsens and the roads get slick with ice, what greater peace of mind is there than the reassurance that your brakes are in the best condition?

Your tires rolling on slippery roads cause your brakes to work less effectively. These driving conditions can cause cracks on your brake pads, which will give way for water, dirt, and cold air to find their way to the brake lines and impair your brakes. Cold air will freeze the breaklines, creating grinding and squeaking noises when you step on the brake pedal.

To upgrade your brakes for the season, get brake pads and rotors that are more durable. For one, semi-metallic brake pads are known for their heat resistance, durability, and stopping power, and can perform over a wide range of temperatures. If you prefer brake pads that are more comfortable and have a longer lifespan, go for ceramic brake kits, such as those manufactured by Power Stop Z23 and TruXP.


car lights

Visibility is one of the biggest problems you face on the winter road. You never know when you might need an extra candlepower to safely make your way home. Blaze through intense blizzards by stocking up on and upgrading your vehicle’s lights with the most powerful options on the market. 

Equip your car with LED light bars, fog lights, and off-road lights. Lights from most brands, including Spyder fog lights, Anzo off-road lights, and Rigid Industries light bars, are designed for simple installation, and have watertight seals and high-powered radiance for the long nights and dim days ahead of you this season.

Winter accessories

Outfit your ride with hibernal driving accessories, such as snow chains, grille covers, and tailgate salt spreaders that insulate and keep the front-end of your car from freezing over. You can also get snow plows that are waterproof and UV-coated covers, with rubber, steel or urethane cutting edge or snow deflector of your choice. Search for trusted brands like HomePlow, Meyer, or SnowBear when selecting your car’s season-specific accessory.

Winter can be the most challenging season for you, and the same goes for your car. So just as you suit up to get through the cold, you should do the same for your ride. Most of the upgrades you will be fitting your car with are useful all-year round anyway, so all of these are worthy investments to make your vehicle more than roadworthy to navigate through the coldest time of the year.