Achieving the Perfect Eyelashes: 4 Things You Can Do

Sometimes no matter how hard you try, having thick and long lashes is simply hard to achieve. The worst case is you often end up dealing with clumpy and dry eyelashes. With this, you’re probably curious as to how you could possess the most natural yet perfect lashes one could ever wish for.

Luckily, it doesn’t take a genius to figure it out which means there’s still hope for you. Now, you’re probably dying to know how you could do that so without further ado, here are some tricks and tips you may follow to achieve perfect and fluttery eyelashes.

1. Reminders for eyelash extension

If you’re one of those people who is not blessed with lashes, you could always try 3D volume eyelash extensions in Las Vegas. This is, in fact, a popular option to most women. This is not surprising considering how instant the result is.

In addition, it’s not that painful and could give you the effect you wanted. Just one quick reminder, however, you need to be careful about choosing where and who will do it. Do your own research and find out about the clinic’s success rate to see if they are someone you could entrust the operation to.

2. Don’t rub your eyes

Keep yourself from rubbing your eyes too much. Although some of you might find it a little too impossible to resist the itch, try to stop yourself from doing it. Instead, try washing your face and the area surrounding your eyes remove the itchy feeling.

If ever you’re nowhere near any place to wash off your face and eyes, you may wipe them off gently with wet wipes or cotton cloth. Rubbing your eyes harshly may cause irritate the follicles and may cause your lashes to bend or fall.

3. Choose mascara wisely

Woman's eyelashes with mascaraToday, there are virtually tons of mascara to choose from. Because of this, you may often find yourself a little too overwhelmed about your options. This is why you need to be careful when choosing which mascara to use.

For starters, water-proof mascara will give you a hard time removing them. Don’t sleep with your mascara on. This habit might get your lashes to be clumpy and dry. When taking off the mascara, use makeup remover and cotton pads to gently wipe off its traces.

4. Massage with Petroleum Jelly

To relax the nerves surrounding your eyes and encourage healthy eyelash growth, be sure you take 2–5 minutes to massage the area around your eyes. Use petroleum jelly upon doing so. Just be careful not to get the solution into your eyes as it may cause irritation.

This step is necessary especially if you wear fake lashes or have eyelash extensions. In addition, try to not use any other chemicals along with mascara over them as it might keep your lashes from growing naturally.

It’s not hard to achieve long, beautiful and full eyelashes. It’s just a matter of knowing what things to do to care for this area of your eyes. Be careful on treating the area so you can continuously enjoy having perfect-looking lashes. In addition, don’t forget to keep these things in mind.