Rethinking the Men’s Skinny Jeans Movement

Years ago, it was all about women’s fashion — the looks, the dresses, and the styles. Not everyone really paid much attention to men’s fashion and style. Of course, men still wore their clothes and walked seasonal runway shows, but there wasn’t the same want to dress well or be the most dapper gentleman in the club.

The fashion industry’s normalization, however, resulted in a number of fashion items that cause no small amount of controversy over the years. Today, skinny jeans aren’t just a woman’s must-have or part of a teenage subculture. Men now know that they too can look good in a pair of super tight jeans.

That said, gone are the looks of tight indie musician pants or best fashion moments of the 90s. Skinny jeans are the new popular kids around the block.

Understanding the Skinny Fit

Skinny jeans can be categorized into two separate groups. While there are multiple variations in fit depending on the material, cut, and brand, these can still be divided into ‘standard’ and ‘spray-on.’

Standard skinny jeans are made from 100 percent cotton or have a small percentage of elastene for comfort. These styles do not usually taper down the leg and have wider ankle openings. Spray-on styles, on the other hand, are tapered close to the leg, have a higher proportion of stretch of elastene, and have narrow ankle openings.

Keeping these parameters in mind helps today’s fashion man to decide if their chosen pair of skinny jeans will suit their body type.

Spray-On Jeans

Skinny JeansNot everyone can pull of the spray-on jeans fashion. Only a lucky few can look good in these tight jeans; these include men with well-maintained proportions.

Choosing to wear such a revealing piece without seeming like you’re trying too hard can be tricky. If you’re tall and skinny, the jeans will only emphasize the lack of bulk. On the other hand, if you have a well-built upper body but slimmer, spray-on jeans will compromise your entire aesthetic.

These selective jeans draw attention to imperfections of the body if you don’t know how to wear them well.

How to Pull Them Off

First, stay away from the ‘all tight everything’ trap most men fall into. Replace your skintight t-shirts with regular-fitting styles that offer more room for your body.

Second, be realistic with your aesthetic. Spray-on skinny jeans are very casual so don’t mix them with smart tailored shirts. Streetwear-inspired or sports luxe pieces, however, are perfect for combining with these casual jeans. Think longline t-shirts, jackets, and fashion trainers.

Finally, consider monochrome color palettes — grey, black, white, and navy. Feel free to mix two pops of color for that adventurous style.

Standard Style Skinny Jeans

Standard Style Skinny JeansContrary to their spray-on counterparts, standard skinny jeans are more versatile. The less pronounced taper and wider leg allows tall and slim guys to rock the sharp silhouette while maintaining balance between their width and height. For those with broader upper bodies and smaller legs, these skinny jeans focus more on your outfit as a whole rather than the bottom half.

For bigger men, however, even standard styles are too tight. The sever leg taper cannot accommodate additional weight, be it fat or muscle. Proportion and balance are important when it comes to skinny jeans. Larger gents are better off with slim-fits, which offer a similar cut that flatters their figures.

Bear in mind that the size of your legs can also affect the appearance of your jeans. If you have bigger thighs, carrot fits up the comfort without compromising your appearance.

How to Pull Them Off

An important consideration with standard styles is lower leg taper. Some brands taper their designs more than others, which makes their jeans look more like spray-ons instead of the standard style. The ankle opening’s width also influences on the jeans’ overall aesthetics.

Tight openings look the best when matched with slimline shoes and trainers while wider openings can accommodate chunkier footwear.

Unlike spray-on skinny jeans, standard styles are better at integrating and tailoring into structured and formal ensembles. Offering a fitted appearance and clean lines, the overall effect is refined, smart, and understand — a stark difference from the dreaded in your face statement.

Last-Minute Skinny Jean Tips

Know Your Proportions

No two guys are alike, and body proportions are one of the major factors that set them apart. When selecting which skinny jeans will fit you better, always think about your body’s proportions. For more slender gents, go for the standard versions to ensure your shape is not too exaggerated. For men with more proportioned builds, don’t forget that while fitted styles are good, consider wearing rolled-up hems to complement your proportions.

The Fit is ALWAYS a Priority

It cannot be stressed enough that you need to try your jeans first before you buy them. The fit is EVERYTHING. Try on as many pairs as possible before you commit to a certain style.

Remember: people have different proportions. Just because one pair fit your brother perfectly doesn’t mean it will fit you too. Have someone check the jeans on you before you decide to buy them.

Ripped Skinny Jeans Also Work

Ripped jeans are one of the staple must-haves of every fashionable man. It adds texture, versatility, and a statement. Skinny jeans with cuts and holes will balance out your proportions and lessens the severity of each look.

The (Skinny) Bottom Line

skinny jeansFor a number of men, the skinny jeans are part of their wardrobe essentials — and it looks like this trend isn’t dying anytime soon. But as fashion changes every season, so do your clothes. That means you have to adapt always.

Don’t just wear your skinny jeans in one way. Think of you new combinations to wear your existing staples. Remember to stay up-to-date with fashion trends and faux pas and see how trendsetters are wearing their skinny jeans.

Amidst the changes, however, don’t forget to wear your jeans in the way you like them.


With that in mind, how would you wear or re-think your skinny jeans approach?

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