Stay Fashionably Lowkey with these Style Hacks

Even fab fashion girls can have lazy days.

It could be because of an extra long workweek or just the cold, cozy weather, but some days, you simply want to stay curled up in bed.

As such as turning into a blanket burrito seems like the best idea on days like these, most of the time, the only choice is to dress up and show up. I mean, that report has to be presented, the groceries need to be done, and your little sister has to be picked up from school, right?

If you have absolutely zero energy (or will) to spend on getting dolled up, here’s some good news: you can step out of your lazy garb and still look put together! Here are some fashion hacks to help you look fab, even on drab days.

1. Don a long dress

It’s time to visit your favorite women’s clothing boutique to score some cute and comfy full-length dresses. Maxi dresses may look regal and high-maintenance, but ironically, they’re the ideal piece to wear on lazy days. Long-dresses come in many comfortable styles. They’re super easy to throw on, yet they make you look and feel put-together in an instant.

2. Invest in oversized button downs

Nothing says sexy more than an oversized button-down shirt. Scour the racks of a men’s store for a light blue or white collared piece. You can wear it with shorts or as is. Pair it with white sneakers for a laidback appeal or with stilettos or kitten heels to dress it up a bit.

Are button-downs too sultry for your taste? Go for a sweater dress instead. Throw in a pair of printed or lace socks to complete your sweet uni girl ensemble.

3. Embrace athleisure

Woman posing for a photo

Gone are the days when sweatpants and hoodies were the epitome of drab. Much to the relief of lowkey fashionistas everywhere, Queen Bey’s Ivy Park entered the fashion scene in 2014 and never left. At the arrival of the sporty glam fashion, it became perfectly fine to face the world looking like you’re fresh off the gym. To rock athleisure, all you need is three pieces: sweatpants or track shorts, a pullover (hooded or otherwise), and sneakers (major fashion points if they’re the clunky type.)

When it comes to tracksuit fabrics, velvet and velour are back in fashion. Cotton is also a comfy and fashionable option. In terms of style, find sweatpants with interesting details, such as piping or studs.

4. Amp up on accessories

Accidentally slept longer in your ratty shirt and leggings on errand day? Ankle-length socks, boots, and scarves come in handy when hiding, or sprucing up otherwise tired clothes. Wear a pair of thin hoop earrings or a watch to go from bare to fashionably laidback. Baseball caps, beanies, or a headwrap can help with bad masking greasy roots.

We know lazy days are no excuse to step out the door looking like a slob. The trick to looking put-together is to invest insanely comfortable yet completely presentable pieces.

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