The Battle of the Best Bed Sheets: Which Should You Pick?

Your bed is somewhat responsible for giving you a good night sleep. Having a comfy mattress to lie down to could help improve your sleeping habits as well as ensure you’re getting enough rest all throughout the night.

Along with the bed itself, the fabrics you have for your covers and linens may somewhat affect the level of comfort you enjoy as you sleep. If you happen to be shopping a new set of sheets and would like to know what options you have for the material and fabrics, here are some of the most popular types of sheets to choose from.

Bamboo Sheets

If you’re looking for something in between cotton and silk to cover your king-size bed, there’s no better option than bamboo sheets. It goes perfectly well to all types of beds as well as offers the same feeling of luxury as it is with silk.

Unlike with silk, however, its texture is not too slippery and follows the level of breathability of cotton sheets. Although many are against this fabric due to its harmful production process, manufacturers have come up with a more nature-friendly solution. So rest assured you’re still making a good choice if you happen to pick this.

Cotton Sheets

Starting off the list is the cotton sheet. It’s the most common type of beddings which are known to be extremely breathable. It’s ideal to use during hotter days as it does a great job in keeping you cool especially when the sun is scorching. Among all types of sheets, this is proven to be the most popular because of its price and how easy it is to clean.

Silk Sheets

Smooth gray silk fabricIf cotton falls into the affordable side, silk is considered the most luxurious and expensive option. This is due to the fact that the production cost for this fabric is extremely high and hard to manufacture.

It comes from the cocoon the silkworms spin and to which producers carefully unravel and thread together to create a cloth out of it. The process of its production is complicated enough even more so the intricacy of how people have to handle it.

While it is indeed an expensive fabric, when it comes to softness and comfort you’ll never be disappointed. These are naturally hypoallergenic which are perfect for people who have sensitive skin. In terms of washing, they require more delicate handling as they are more delicate than cotton and other fabrics.

Polyester Sheets

Another type of linen material you may want to consider is the polyester. Like the rest of fabrics that have been introduced, the sheets made out of this provides a soft and comfy feeling as the fibers are woven finely.

While it’s slowly making its way to the list, many people may find it a little difficult to sleep on especially during the hot and dry season because the heat can get trap into it. So it is not advisable to use it if you have a particularly warm room.

However, it is extremely resistant to stains, so if you enjoy having your meals in bed or has a kid around who’s very messy, this is just the perfect choice.

When shopping for new sheets, you must always put your comfort on top of everything. By doing so, you’ll easily determine which bedding will be most suitable to your style as well as to your preferences.

The above mentioned are just some of the few types of bed sheets. If you feel like looking for more, feel free to search through your possible options.