The Easiest Way to Fill a New Raised Garden Bed

In the YouTube video “The Easiest Way to Fill A New Raised Bed”, they explain how to fill a metal raised bed to produce healthy vegetables, herbs, and plants in the growing season. They are durable and last many years. James Prigioni of The Gardening Channel explains his successful method of filling a new raised garden bed made of metal.

One of the most important materials used is rotted wood.

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The logs can be sitting outdoors but have to be rotted to break down correctly. Rotting logs can hold water and allow drainage. They provide the soil with nutrients for a new raised garden bed. They are put at the bottom of the container and often have branches and other rotting wood added on top. The bin is filled with organic soil on top of the logs that can come from composting or your local garden center. The organic soil is added over the logs and tamped down. This provides good soil to grow plants successfully.

Metal bed containers can be ordered online or found at local garden centers. This method can be effective for a new raised garden bed that will grow vegetables, herbs, and some fruits. Metal containers range in size and price.

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