5 Tricks You Can Do to Make a Small Venue Look Bigger

It’s always fun to decorate event venues. There’s this certain level of satisfaction and pride whenever you’re able to transform an empty space into something bright and lively. It’s a plus when everyone appreciates all the efforts you’ve put into it. In this case, it is the guests you’re trying to impress.

As exciting as the experience might be, you can’t help but encounter several challenges along the way. This is especially true if you are to decorate a venue with limited area size. Although many would often feel like there isn’t enough space to work with, you’ll find tons of ways to get yourself around with it.

Check out some great decorating tricks you can use if you are working with a small event space in Kansas City.

1. Go easy on the decoration.

As much as you love to decorate, in this case, try to keep using them at a minimum. Unless it’s necessary to go extra with the decor, that’s the only time you’re allowed to use a significant amount of ornaments.

A few accent pieces and props would certainly be more than enough to project the look you’re aiming for, so try to work on those items.

2. Come up with the perfect seat plan.

Make the space appear larger by finding the perfect layout for seats. Don’t let any of the chairs overlap with each other. Instead, choose a direction of movement to which it can follow.

For your tables, have the long ones rather than the round ones cause it may limit the amount of available space as well as cut off the flow.

3. Avoid oversized furniture.

If you want to maximize the amount of space your venue has, then it’s not smart to use chunky or bulky furniture. In addition, try to focus only on items that are necessary.

Don’t try to push for more accent pieces. Plan out the layout of the design and only use what’s necessary. If your design really requires the use of a few pieces, then try making an illusion of it instead.

a table setup

4. Use the lights wisely.

When it comes to creating an illusion of space, the use of natural lights is by far the most effective way to achieve that goal. With small spaces, the use of a sufficient amount of lights can make the area larger and brighter. Try to stay away from dim lighting as it could make the place look narrower.

When setting up the lights, it’s ideal to have them installed on both sides and top area so that the lights are distributed evenly. If there are windows with natural lights passing through, you may also use them to decorate.

5. Tap the magic of glass and mirrors.

Along with lights, using glass and mirrors throughout your whole setup would also create an illusion of space. Mirrors bounce off the light around the room which can make the space appear to be much more than its actual size.

With glass, it offers no restrictions which trick the eye into thinking that you have larger space. If you can properly incorporate these elements, you’ll definitely have no troubles in maximizing any room.

Working with a small event space can be both an exciting and terrifying experience. However, knowing a few decorating tricks would definitely save you from the stress of making things work.

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