Planning the Best Child’s Birthday Bash Ever

Every child wants to have a birthday party, but it can be difficult to plan one that will be as entertaining and fun as the last party. You can organize more activities, prepare more interesting food and drinks, but even these would not assure you of a successful birthday celebration.

So, what can you do to make your child’s party in your Dubai home an inevitable success? The key is to interlace food and entertainment. Here are simple things you can do to make your young guests feel that this is one birthday worth remembering with the help of a catering service in Dubai like Blast Catering.

Provide Refreshments from the Juice Bar

Kids love fruit juices with their interesting flavors and colors. You can serve them refreshing drinks with a juice bar set-up, where they can choose their drink or even mix and match their favorite flavors. Provide reusable cups and a water dispenser too.

Choose reusable cups with lids so your guests can take them home after the party. Get a labeler and assign someone to label the cups for the kids. Labeling it with their names gives children a sense of ownership and will take care not to lose or damage the cup.

Serve Sweet Treats from the Fruit Bar

You can combine healthy fruits and sweet snacks at a fruit bar set-up. Add confectionery such as sprinkles, marshmallows, chocolate chips and a chocolate fondue fountain to make it more appealing. Use apples, strawberries, bananas, raisins, pears, blueberries, and even melon for the fruits. The guests can make their own chocolate coated strawberries, three-fruit salad, fruit fondue, and make their creations.

You can provide a small container, so the kids could grab and go. You can also use reusable bento style snack boxes with top lids, so the children will not drip chocolate everywhere.

Fun Pastry and Biscuits from the Grazing TableChild birthday party

You can also provide a snack grazing table laid with bite-sized cakes, cookies and other pastries. You can also add potato chips, vegetable sticks, and even slices of ham and sausages so the children can explore every kind of taste.    You can ask the caterer to prepare them in mini-sizes so Have these served in mini sizes, so your guests can pick one of every item. Reusable containers can also reduce leftovers because your young guests can pack up their meals after.

Any birthday party can have food, entertainment, and fun activities, but you can mix and mingle all three. Your child’s guests will feel entertained with making their own choices and creations, and their taste buds will be satisfied with your birthday food treats. You can provide all of these and add mini-activities such as face painting and photo booths. These will ensure that your child’s party is fun for everyone, even the adults.

Planning a kid’s party can be tricky. But with these food items on your menu, your snack party is sure to be a hit and is something that your child and your guests will remember for a long time!