Tips When Buying Wedding Boots

Brides everywhere put that wedding dress or that picture-perfect wedding location as the top priority before the big day arrives. Everything should be perfect. Everything should be in its right place. And then the boots came.

Now, are you thinking of wearing boots on your wedding day? That Western wedding boot corral seems pleasing and edgy at the same time. Walking down the grassy aisle, you can imagine, would be awesome as the earth beneath you trembles in your excitement.

Well, you can make those thoughts a reality, just start deciding now!

Going Edgy

While white and neat sandals and shoes are typically the choices of brides, some are fighting tradition by going edgier. The sight of boots on a wedding day gives off that Western vibe with flair and hard rock effect. It is fresh and pure, but it also harks back to what rural America is most known for, that cowboy culture, that quintessential farm-loving spirit, that ever-enthralling countryside.

Putting that cultural experience to the utterly traditional and pristine institution called marriage is indeed edgy. Truly, bridal boots define the modern woman: strong, imposing, and yet still leaving men in awe with that finesse.

Varied Types

Bridal boots range in many types, primarily based on cuts. One can find the more common but show-stopping cowboy boots. Or maybe one may see customized or neatly designed ankle and shoe boots. Wellies too are showing other types a run for their style.

a bride and groom

When picking among these types, the edginess factor is highest with the cowboy boots and lowest with the shoe boots. It is also noteworthy to consider matching them with your wedding dress as one type — say a wellie — might be a better fit with a certain dress color or accent that matches the rural scene.

Boot colors too can match or give contrast to the dress. You can try a bright, soothing color. Maybe a subtle earthy tone will do. What about ivory? The possibilities are endless.

Design and Style

Design can also make wedding boots channel that personality. It can look more dashingly colorful or dainty. Yet it can also be more contained. Cowgirl boots embellished in floral designs with an ornate bone finish are strikingly perfect for a wedding dress that is as white as ivory.

Corral boots with a glittery inlay and crystal finish are not only designed with confidence in mind, but they are also shining flamboyant. Designs can be humanized and be style-powered, leaving the wedding audience in the complete surrender of the jaw-dropping show.

When choosing designs and styles, match it with your personality for a more realistic effect. Or if you want to surprise people, being bold is always an option.

Choosing wedding boots can get as tricky as choosing a wedding dress. But like wedding dresses that exude the inner beauty of the person wearing it, wedding boots also create that impact.

This time, it comes with some edge, with some personality. So choose “you” when you choose your wedding boots. And let the earth beneath you tremble once more. This time, it is for real.