Anklets Are Still In and Fashionable (Really)

There is no such thing as an outdated style. Fashion comes and goes and comes back again with a new life. What was impressed as an old trend would certainly make a comeback at some point and when it does, being ready with your collection could make you a trendsetter.

Such is the thing about anklets. It was considered a thing of the ’90s but is definitely making a return in pop-style. If there is a good time to rekindle the value of your anklet collection, which has been sitting in your safe for long, it’s now. Good thing, there are repair shops that dig gold anklets for women and could easily breathe new life to old, worn-out pieces.

Anklets in Style

Anklets are ankle bracelets. They are jewelry worn around the ankle as a bracelet is worn around the wrist. They are made available in different styles and different materials. These accessories may not always be visible to the eye but with every step, it makes a subtle sound, which makes it sexy and chic.

While anklets did not disappear completely from the spotlight, some people ceased wearing them. But now, people are set to go. They may not be as huge a thing as before but they are definitely claiming some spot in the fashion scene.

A comeback meant new styles are also coming into play but the old ones would surely still look ‘in’. You probably just need to have yours tweaked to keep up. That’s where an expert jewelry repair team would come useful.

Where to Wear and How

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Just like any fashion trend, there are no hard and fast rules for wearing anklets. You could do it any way you wish because after all, it is all about your personal style. There are, however, some tips that could help boost the value of your anklets. It would be useless to invest in a pricey anklet if it will not make its presence felt, anyway. Take note of the following tips:

* Anklets are best worn with cropped pants and skirts or any pair of bottoms that are cut above the knee. Then again, you could also wear it with a pair of long pants if you wish to make it a secret that would make you feel sexy from within.

* Anklets are also best paired with sneakers, backless loafers, and flats. But they are also great to wear while you are walking barefooted on the beach.

* Anklets do not choose an occasion. You can wear it anytime you want – at work, during vacations, when attending festivals, or any given ordinary day. Wear it when you want to feel good and feel sexy. That tinkling sound can surely make you feel great.

Again, there are no proper or improper ways of wearing anklets. Style gurus, however, proposed some dos and don’ts. Basically, they don’t encourage people to wear anklets with leggings or tights and high heels. It is also not advisable to choose thick or chunky styles. But you know what’s a definite don’t? It’s feeling embarrassed when you wear your anklets differently. Otherwise, you are good to go, whichever way you choose to go.