Decorating a Cozy Living Room

Decorating a small living room can be challenging. You have to be careful with the décor since you are walking a fine line between making the room look cozy or cramped. While there are many guides out there, not each of them will work for your case. You have to know the outcome you are expecting before you start decorating.

An easy way to decorate a room and make it feel spacious is using soft colors. These colors make the room warm and inviting. Your choice of furniture should complement these colors. If you’ve decided to buy your sofa online, many online shops have interactive tools to help you know how different colors will look against different backgrounds. Here are some ideas and inspirations for decorating a small living room:

Add creative storage solutions

To create more space in your living room, you have to find a way of storing items that you rarely use or no longer need. You can do this by adding creative storage options around the living room. One effective method is to install shelves or cabinets on the walls. Make sure that these cabinets aren’t overloaded and that they’re painted to match the appearance of the room. When installing cabinets and shelves, add them to places where they won’t be a distraction or won’t lead to accidents.

Use light colors

Light colors such as white, cream, pale blue, gray, and blush pinks are ideal for tiny spaces since they make the room to appear brighter and inviting. Since you don’t want your living room to appear cramped, these colors can work in tandem with your furniture choices to create an inviting space.

Choose the right furniture

Purple ispired living room

Choosing furniture for tiny spaces is one of the most challenging things you can do. While you want your living room to look and feel comfortable, going for that big plush sofa isn’t a good idea. Instead, select furniture that can offer the most seating without consuming too much space. This means you should opt for sectional sofas, stools, and cushions and avoid large armchairs or sofas. Having multi-functional furniture should be your priority. Your curtains should complement the furniture and colors you have chosen for the walls. If the space is too small, consider going for roller blinds.

Small living rooms need to have fewer items that are properly arranged. To make your room feel big, you need to choose the right colors and keep the space tidy at all times. Install floating shelves and other storage options to keep away items you don’t use regularly. Whether it is the floor or your walls, make sure that every part of the room is designed to make the room feel bigger.

Overall, you don’t have to spend much to make your home cozy. You can incorporate any of the ideas mentioned above to brighten the room and increase storage space. If you aren’t sure of the colors to choose or décor to add, you can always contact a professional.