How Social Media is Changing Wedding Planning

Social media allows for constant communication and uninterrupted connectivity to enhance people’s awareness and knowledge of the world. Wedding planning is among one of many activities that have not escaped the far-reaching impacts of social media. Modern day wedding ideas and wedding planning are vastly different from the way they were before the age of social media.

The use of social media reduces time and travel expenses related to wedding planning. Communicating with wedding planners, for instance, does not always require face-to-face meetings. This can be conducted over messages, live streams, or video chats instead.

Comparison to Traditional Weddings

Social media has transformed the wedding planning process. Traditionally, planning required couples to spend their weekends or time after work browsing magazines, driving to potential wedding venues, and trying out food samples from different caterers.

The process is very different today, as the time couples allot for wedding planning is no longer limited to their spare time. Social media allows couples to discover wedding ideas and conduct meetings from where they are. Couples no longer have to schedule many in-person meetings with wedding planners, as most communication can be conducted over social media.

This also makes travelling for wedding planning more and more obsolete. Couples can do away with physically going to and from meetings with different vendors. Online communication means couples can save in terms of the commute without losing human interaction or quality of service.

Social media also creates a greater drive for couples and guests alike to capture picture-perfect moments with various wedding props and from different wedding related scenery. These pictures will later be edited and posted on various social media platforms.

Social Connections

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Social media platforms encourage greater connectivity with friends and family. Couples have the opportunity to share news, form private wedding groups, and upload wedding and reception photos. The wedding’s reach extends further as photos and videos are shared across social media and people actively communicate about the event.

The ability to conduct live streams also allows invited guests who are unable to physically attend the event a chance to experience some parts of the wedding.

Access to Ideas and Information

Modern wedding ideas are no longer confined to those presented in magazines or on television programs. A seemingly limitless collection of ideas, photos, and options are made available to couples through social media. They are also available anywhere and can be accessed through mobile phones, tablets, and laptop computers. Most wedding caterers and venues have websites and social media platforms to browse through and find further inspiration. Social media is a good and efficient resource for couples looking to discover new ideas or to learn new information about weddings from sources all over the world.

However, with so much access to other weddings and wedding ideas, couples can have unrealistic expectations for their own wedding. They may end up spending too much time and money trying to recreate a look and incorporating big ideas into the event. Couples should be careful about setting their expectations as the influence of social media is only beginning to grow and is expected to play an even more intricate role in modern day wedding planning.

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