Ideas and Suggestions for Your Personalized Jewelry

Accessories such as jewelry may just seem to be the typical aesthetic upgrades to a person’s fashion statement, but believe it or not, they’re a great investment as well. It won’t mean much, however, if the one you have is in the same design or made up of the same materials as a couple of others as these properties can significantly lower its value on the market. One way to prevent this situation is by purchasing custom-made jewelry, which can get pricey but offers you the benefit of a unique and one-of-a-kind item.

Synthetic Gemstones

While it’s true that natural jewels are prized for their beauty and appeal that don’t need that much modification, there’s a certain quality that synthetic ones have over these; it’s the story that they tell, thanks to the materials used in creating them. A good example of such is jewelry made out of human remains, which is a bit disturbing when you think about it, which serves as a morbidly stylish memento from your dearly departed. You can also have a bit of blood encased in gems, if you’re not that keen on having an entire necklace made out-of-body parts, and some specialty jewelers can make it for you.

Raw Gemstones

shiny diamonds

Back to the more natural and less disturbing accessories, raw gemstones have become more and more popular these days due to their unrefined look. This only works for certain gemstones, and there’s still a certain pattern that needs to be followed. However, if the jeweler is able to pull this off, you’ll have a piece that has a rough and unpolished aesthetic and expresses defiance of tradition. Bloodstone, onyx, amethyst, and opal are just some of the precious stones that will fit this design. If you don’t want the usual fully finished stones in your gold micro-pave wedding band, then you might want them instead.

Specialty/Fancy Gemstones

Even among these seemingly rare materials, there are still some that are so special that you’ll have a hard time trying to even find one. That scarcity is only the result of those stones’ unique beauty. Given that they are already harder to find than the typical gemstones, you should expect them to be even more expensive. However, if you can afford them, then go ahead and try to get one since not everyone will have it. Just take note that not all jewelers have them in stock, so you’ll have to spend more time and effort searching for them.

Some people may think that these luxuries aren’t worth the price you have to pay for them, but provided that you take good care of them, you can expect a great return for your investment as time passes. Even if you don’t plan on selling them, they can serve as a means of celebrating a special occasion or the life of a loved one to which no amount of money can ever compare.  Whichever you plan to do, just keep in mind that you only deserve the best, so why not go all out as long as your budget permits?