Perfect Gift Ideas for Upcoming Holidays

Gifts with different colors

Admit it, as much as we love receiving gifts during holidays, most of us are not that keen on picking out the perfect holiday presents for our friends, family, and special someone. The usual scenario is that most of us would cram for last-minute holiday shopping—often picking out a poorly thought item.

You are not totally helpless, though.

Although it is just the middle of August, it is not too early to start on your holiday gift list. In fact, planning your presents months ahead would save you the headache of choosing the best-individualized gifts to give during the holiday.

Not to mention, the strict governmental regulations brought about by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has greatly affected the supply chain of consumer products.

With that in mind, listed below are some great suggestions for unique gift ideas that your friends and loved ones would truly appreciate, especially during these difficult times:

Potted Plants to Cheer Them Up

There are more reasons to give a potted plant as a present other than as a housewarming gift. Moreover, nothing says, “I want to brighten up your day,” much better than some lively houseplant.

Live plants are great gift ideas because they brighten up the room and are beneficial for your health. Studies have shown that indoor plants boost productivity, reduce stress, and clean the air by absorbing toxins.

You are hitting two birds with one stone if you give a potted plant as a gift! Not only is it a thoughtful idea, but you are also promoting the environment.

A Wellness Kit to Take the Stress Away

Another creative and heartwarming present to give is a basket of carefully hand-picked wellness kit essentials. Surely, a few luxurious scented candles, body scrubs, and healthy tea bags would brighten up anyone’s day.

With these unprecedented times, we cannot deny that most of what we hear from the outside world brings us stress. A small basket of unique and thoughtful items you can pick out from a local gift store shows how much you care for the well-being of your family and loved ones.

Home Exercise Equipment for Workout Enthusiast

During the pandemic, many people are stuck at home, almost doing nothing. With home exercise equipment as a gift option, you can encourage the recipient to move their body despite having to stay at home most of the time.

Unlike the ’80s and the ’90s, where gym or exercise materials are bulky and expensive, light and affordable gym essentials are now being sold online. Kettlebell, yoga mats, and other gym essentials are ideal gifts for your friend to encourage healthy living and productive activity during the quarantine.

Alternatively, you may also give your friend or someone dear to you other gym essentials, such as new training shoes, bags, and even a set of towels. This will not only be helpful during their exercise routine, but it is also hygienic.

Enroll Them to an Online Learning Class

If you want to offer a unique and worthwhile gift, you also have online learning classes as an alternative option. Yes, classes may now be considered as a gift in this digital age.

With the internet of things, information may now be bought and sold with just a click of a mouse. With websites like Coursera or Udemy, you can easily pick a crash course for someone you know.

The above-mentioned sites offer creative courses, business courses, and other interesting classes that will surely entice and engage students. If you like, you can even make it as a gift for yourself during this quarantine, for it is never too late to learn something.

Anything Customized

Close up shot of female hands holding a small gift wrapped with pink ribbon

Customized items are a sure way to get the attention of a person. If you want a memorable gift this coming holiday, you can start checking online for gift customization, especially that this process would take time.

Personalized gifts may come in various shapes and sizes. They need not be expensive. You can have a customized bracelet or necklace for your parents this coming Christmas or even fingerprint jewelry for your partner.

You could also simply buy a kit that will help you create the customized gift you wanted. However, if you lack the time and the talent to proceed, it would be better to let experts handle it for you.

The list goes on for gift ideas that you can give to your friends, family, and loved ones. Not only are the above suggestions appropriate for holidays, but they also work for any occasion, like when you just want to say you miss them or you care for them.

Be Gaudy and Glamorous: Wearing Costume Jewelry

couple holding hands

There are many ways to express yourself, and one of them is through wearing jewelry. But if it is your goal to capture everyone’s attention, consider putting on some costume jewelry pieces. While these pieces were once considered tacky and gaudy, they can actually add drama and quirkiness to your overall ensemble. Even fashion icons, such as Coco Chanel, use costume jewelry, so you should have no problem with wearing them. After all, you can always find inspirations online, which will help you make the most of what you have in your jewelry box.

However, you may be wondering how you are supposed to wear them. You may be also asking if it is practical to wear these pieces every day (though the answer is a resounding “Yes!”). Regardless, below are some of the useful pointers that you can use when it comes to dressing up with costume jewelry.

Focus on one eye-catching piece

If you are aiming for safe choices, make sure that the accessories you will pick are gold. Golden costume jewelry pieces always create glamor and statement. For this one, you can wear a dripping necklace with a large centerpiece. If you want a more extravagant to do it, collar necklace and even choker may do the trick. Eye-catching pieces do not always have to be necklaces. You may choose to use large golden hoop earrings to convey your artistry.

Make your ensemble your canvas

Wearing costume jewelry over your kitschy dresses or shirts is always permissible, especially if your intention is to be artsy and over-the-top. But if you want to be sleek, modern, and streamlined, wearing clothes that have plain sensibilities gives the best aesthetic effects. For casual wear, a plain white shirt that is tucked under boyfriend jeans will look great with a dripping necklace. Sculptural and thick bangles bracelets may suit flowy evening gowns and maxi dresses.

jewelry pieces in a box

Do not afraid to go for layers

Usually, costume jewelry works best when worn in layers. Yes, you can even pair it with your custom luxury ring gifted by your partner! Pair up a thin chain necklace with your collars. Your bangles may look much prettier when they are paired with bracelets of a different metal. Be unexpected!

Use them in unconventional ways

One of the beauties of costume jewelry is that some of the pieces you will get can actually be repurposed and used in a different way. A wrap-around bracelet can be used as a choker or a necklace. Your earrings can be used as an accessory for your bracelets or a pendant for your necklace.

Expressing one’s self is important, especially if you believe in the image and personality that you have built for yourself. And one way of unleashing your extravagant and quirky side is by wearing costume jewelry. These pieces are undeniably elaborate and over-the-top, which makes them a perfect companion for a wide range of styles and ensembles. Do not be afraid to try them, mix and match, and go all out. After all, these pieces are one of the ways of expressing yourself.

Surprise Your Friends: Some Refreshing Champagne Cocktails to Try


Champagne is already good on its own. But that does not mean that it cannot get any better. You can think of this sparkling drink as a blank canvas, which you can use for your cocktails. It is the foundation of infinite possibilities. You just have to be brave and creative.

A slew of champagne cocktail recipes will certainly surprise your friends and family. Serve them when you hold a dinner party at your home. Or you may want to make them for your consumption on a quiet Friday night. The same refreshing beverages are something that you can come up with when your office volunteered you to be their party bartender. Here are some drinks that will make you gift yourself or your friends a champagne delivery on any occasion.

Basic Yet Great: Mimosas

Perhaps mimosas are the easiest cocktails to make, as some ingredients can be found in your fridge right away. For basic mimosas, just mix 2 oz. of orange juice with 4 oz. of brut champagne. But if you prefer to put in some hard work, apple cider mimosas may do the trick. The same champagne can be mixed with apple cider and a bit of cinnamon whiskey for that aromatic effect. In case you want an explosion of fruity flavors, blushing mimosas maybe that drink you are looking for; just mix your champagne with parts of orange juice, pineapple juice, and grenadine.

For Big Parties: Fruit Punch

fruit punch

If you are looking to have a big birthday bash or a victory party at your home, you will need to accommodate your visitors’ alcoholic cravings. For practicality, why not make a fruit punch: with champagne! Just mix in a bottle of club soda or regular soda, pineapple slices, orange slices, orange rinds, strawberries, and mint with your champagne. For an extra kick, add some ounces of brandy and orange liqueur.

Dessert Cravings: Floats

For solo Friday nights, you will want to treat yourself by cooking yourself a slab of steak and a fancy dessert. This time, hit two birds with one stone with a champagne float — you get to enjoy some bubbly while satisfying your sweet tooth. For a fruity taste, just add a scoop of vanilla ice cream on your Moscato, add raspberries or strawberry syrup, and top it with a cherry. Try other variations, such as chocolate and mocha ice cream.

For Summer Get-Togethers: Slushies

Summers are for garden and backyard parties. So other than barbecues, clubhouse sandwiches, and finger foods, quench your guests’ thirst with champagne slushies. Just mix fruits of your choice, ice, and some parts of champagne. Garnish with fruit and mint leaf, and you’re good to go!

Champagne is not just an iconic and flexible drink. It can be your blank canvas when you are making tasty and exciting cocktails. It can be incorporated into a wide range of drinks (or cooking) that will suit any occasion. There are many recipes, like the ones above, that you can use to wow your family and friends. If you want to find out what actually works, never stop experimenting.

How to Prepare for Your Party of the Year

Attending a major party once a year is something normal. Someone’s fabulous birthday celebration, a wedding, or a graduation party will likely draw a lot of attention for you and your group of friends. If you want to make a good impression, you need to take preparations seriously. You might end up looking underdressed, which could affect your social standing. If you are going to a big event that will most likely happen only once a year, here are a few tips to help you during preparation.

Take the Day to Groom Yourself

Grooming yourself hours ahead of a party is a no-brainer. However, you might have to take more than just a few hours if you are going to prepare for the event of the year. There are a lot of things to do when it comes to grooming. You will have to go to a salon or barbershop to get your hair done. If you cannot do your makeup, you might consider hiring a professional to perform it for you. You will also have to pamper yourself ahead of the event to make sure that you look glowing and refreshed. You might consider taking a nap if you came from a stressful day at work. You should take the whole day to groom yourself for the party if you do not want to look underwhelming beside your colleagues.

Dress to Impress

You are going to go on a special occasion. If you think that the event is something that you will cherish for the rest of your life, you should consider suiting up in your best outfit. You likely have a few clothing materials saved in your closet for special events. If you think that it is worth it for the party, you should consider using it. However, you might need something new for the occasion. If you want to dress to impress your friends, you should consider getting a custom suit that fits you perfectly. Good thing, you can find many men’s suits in NYC for your party attire needs.


Remaster the Etiquettes

Your outfit and grooming are only half of the preparation. If you want to take the spotlight during the big event, your personality should be your brightest asset. Most social gatherings often have a classy atmosphere, which means that you need to remaster the proper etiquette and manner. You will likely have to work on your dining gestures to help present yourself as a classy person. You will also have to learn how to stand and walk properly in front of the guests. You need to mind how you present yourself during the party to make a good impression.

Socialization is Key

Your fashion sense, grooming, and personality are all good points if you perfect them ahead of the party. However, you will not be as memorable as you think if you choose to stand in a corner. For you to have a memorable party, you need to interact with your fellow guests. The stories and drinks you share will likely turn into fun memories you will cherish. You will be learning a lot and having a good time with your friends, which is what makes an occasion a party.

There are a lot of things to prepare for when you are going to a party. If you follow these tips, you will be able to make a good impression and enjoy a fun night.

The Skincare Beginner’s Guide to the 3 Basic Skin Types

woman putting cream on her face

The skin plays a critical role in how our self-esteem is built up or broken down. It’s a given at this point, considering how the skin is our largest organ and the most visible one. As we encounter skin problems while growing up, many of us start looking for skincare products that will improve the look and texture of our skin. Some are fortunate enough to need products only for maintenance.

Regardless of where a person stands on the spectrum, we must learn more about the basics of skincare. It begins with the type of skin we’re buying products for.

We discuss the intricacies of each skin type below.


The normal skin type is perhaps the most desirable out of the five. It is characterized by cheeks that aren’t prone to breaking out as well as a T-zone that is well moisturized. Another characteristic that individuals with normal skin type possess is having little to no visible pores and no severe sensitivity to skincare products.

Considering these characteristics, people with a normal skin type are free to try out any product they desire. However, it’s good to choose a cleanser that thoroughly removes dirt and makeup without stripping the skin dry. Then accompany this with a moisturizer that can help bring back or retain the skin’s moisture.


A person with oily skin type can be characterized as those who have extremely shiny skin, especially around the T-zone. They are also more prone to breakouts, and, as a result, they can suffer from hyperpigmentation once said breakouts have healed. On a brighter note, most individuals with this skin type have high moisture on their face and are often less prone to skin wrinkling.

woman face closeup

To care for oily skin, they should go about the cleanser to toner to moisturizer routine before including other products. Skincare products that have salicylic acid and tea tree oil are highly recommended as well since they can help combat acne and are known to lessen sebum production.

As for any marks left by breakouts, products like The Ordinary’s Niacinamide 10% to Zinc 1% will do its trick, leaving behind blemish-free skin.


On the other end of the spectrum is the dry skin type. Those of us who have dry skin may experience flakiness from time to time. It is also often accompanied by the feeling of tightness on certain parts of our face. There are several causes to note when it comes to dry skin. The first one is genetics. Another is the hot environment.

Drinking water frequently may help with the dryness, but so do gentle cleansers and daily exfoliators that contain non-abrasive ingredients. Often, the exfoliator is partnered with moisturizers that are rich in marine actives and emollients, both of which can lead to smooth and hydrated skin.

With that being said, the first step to creating a successful skincare regimen is figuring out our skin type. As hinted above, this knowledge will help us filter out the countless skincare products in the market based on what is appropriate for our skin and not. Following this, we’ll have fewer selections to choose from, resulting in a shorter search and healthier and brighter skin in no time.

How to Have an Intimate Yet Memorable Wedding


The size of your wedding list will affect almost every aspect of your planning, including the venue, catering, transportation, and most importantly–your wedding budget. For this reason, having a small wedding is a huge money saver, way more intimate, and generally less stressful to plan and execute compared to a big wedding.

Do you and your spouse want a small wedding? Here are some tips that should help with your planning:

1. Downsize your guest list

Before you look for the modern or rustic wedding venue of your dreams in Kent or wherever you want, the first obstacle that you have to tackle is the guest list. If you’re not sure how to keep your guest list short, here are some strategies you can try:

  • Divide the number of allowable guests between you and your spouse. If one spouse doesn’t maximize their list, that’s the only time the other one can invite more people.
  • Make three lists. The first list is for your close relatives, the second list is for your close friends, and the third list for other people you would like to invite to your wedding (but don’t really have to), such as co-workers or friends you haven’t spoken to in a while. If the number exceeds your target number of guests, start crossing people out from the third list.
  • Don’t give out plus-ones. Doing this can easily blow up your guest list and consequently ruin your budget.
  • Limit your parents’ invites, even if they are paying a part of the wedding. Ask your parents to only invite a certain number of people so that the event remains intimate.

2. Choose the right venue

For an intimate wedding, look for a wedding venue that is just the right size for your number of guests. For example, instead of renting out an entire ballroom, go for a barn or estate venue. If you are more of an adventurous type, consider outdoor weddings in a forest or beach venue. After all, there are fewer venue restrictions when you have a smaller wedding guest list.

3. Have a child-free wedding

Aside from expanding your guest list, children disrupt weddings. That’s a fact. So if you want your wedding to be intimate, having a child-free wedding is the way to go. This would mean no crying, no tots running around, and no distracted parents because of their kids. Moreover, you want your guests to enjoy the wedding, and having a child-free policy is a great way to give them a break from parenting life (while not torturing other guests with unavoidable child antics).

4. Make it fun for everyone

wedding ceremony

With a smaller guest list, you will have more budget to invest in your guests’ experience. Make your wedding more fun and memorable by treating your guests to round-trip transfers, an open bar, top-notch catering, a professional DJ, and other things that can make the wedding feel more special.

An intimate wedding, in some ways, feels more special than a bigger one. More importantly, it is less stressful to plan and makes the experience quite enjoyable for you and your future spouse.

If you want a small and simple event to celebrate your marriage, use these tips to keep the wedding as intimate yet memorable as possible.

Tempted to Get A Pet Due to the Pandemic? Consider These Questions First

a cute doggo

Pets are known to improve a person’s well-being. They offer comfort and companionship that can soothe feelings of loneliness and anxiety. 74% of pet owners when surveyed by the Human Animal Bond Research Institute (HABRI) reported mental health improvements from owning pets while 75% shared their family members and friends also benefitted from spending time with their pets.

In normal circumstances, the temptation to get a dog or a cat is present especially with social media feeds full of adorable pictures of people playing with pets. But as more people are feeling anxious due to the pandemic, the motivation to drive to the nearest adoption center is amplified. Don’t let the videos of well-trained dogs being obedient to their owners fool you. Taking care of a pet is a big responsibility and you will need to make adjustments to your lifestyle. It won’t only be your personal haircare products that you’ll be buying online. The benefits and challenges of owning a pet go hand in hand. Consider these questions first before bringing a dog or a cat into your home.

1. Are you prepared to clean every day?

Dogs and cats shed a lot of hair especially those with thick coats. Breeds favored by most influencers like the Golden Retriever, Samoyed, and Corgis are notorious for leaving their fluff everywhere. To be in control of all the hair, owners need to accept regular house cleaning will be part of the norm. Routine grooming by brushing and combing can also help remove dead hairs before they wreak havoc on carpets and hard to reach room corners.

2. Do you have the free time for training and taking care of their needs?

They’re not called fur babies without a reason. Part of being a responsible owner is to train your pet to behave, which involves the tedious task of potty training and abiding with mealtimes. They need guidance and practice to know the dos and don’ts in your household. You can’t expect a puppy or a kitten to know that papers on your desk are off-limits.

3. Can you afford all the expenses that come with your pet?

Food, toys, medical check-ups, grooming and destroyed items can rack up a hefty bill if you’re not prepared to shoulder it. Better to do research on what kind of animal or breeds can fit your lifestyle in terms of financial resources. Maybe you’re better off starting small with a hamster or a fish if your savings account still needs time to grow.

4. How attached are you to your household items?

Dog and owner

Remember when Mufasa told Simba that everything the light touches is their kingdom? Your pet thinks the same way with your house. No curtain, plant or toilet paper are safe from the onslaught of your pet’s playfulness and hyperactivity. You have to deal with teaching your pet which areas are off-limits, putting up fences, and regularly buying replacements.

5. Are the people living with you ok to share their space with a pet?

Not everyone in your house might be enthusiastic about sharing their space with a fur baby. It’s not only your lifestyle that has to be adjusted. Ask everyone in your household if they’re amenable to coexisting with a pet especially during inevitable destruction and times when you’re away. Have everyone tested for allergies to avoid health complications.

Owning a pet, in reality, is a different ball game than watching cute puppies running around and fluffy felines being surprised by cat Instagram filters. It takes time, money, effort and a lot of patience to take care of their needs and build a home they will come to love. But all the hard work will be worth it as experience their companionship and unconditional love.

Practical Home Decorating Ideas to Play with Colors and Patterns

home decorations

Homeowners often hire professionals, such as interior designers, to improve the aesthetics of their property. Others prefer to design their own homes by themselves. They can look for design inspirations posted on websites or blogs. If you are planning to redesign or redecorate your home, you can also ask an expert to accomplish tasks for you. If not, you can ask for help from family and friends regarding your DIY home project. Either way, you need at least to have an idea about basic home designing. This way, finalizing your home’s interior style will be easier.

You have probably searched for home design inspirations online. That is a great start, but it’s better if you also learn a few basics, such as rules about colors and patterns. If you learn how to mix and match patterns, you won’t consume a lot of time figuring things out. Here are a few tips to help you decide about your home’s design:

  • Choose your main color—Know that you can choose any color that you like. Think about one color that you will never get tired of. Imagine your home painted with that color and start checking out specific shades. That is where you will base the other colors and patterns that you will be using next.

living room

  • Observe the most prominent pattern at home—Check if you have a patterned rug or upholstery at home. Choose a few colors from that patterned item. For instance, if you have Turkish kilims from Scottsdale, AZ, mostly made of red patterns, take note of that. You will need to choose color palettes, which will complement that color.
  • Ceilings should always be light-colored—If you are deciding on what to paint your ceilings, stick to light colors. White is a popular choice, but you can also go for cream or light gray. You only need to take note that ceilings should have the lightest color followed by the walls. The floors should be darker than your walls and ceiling.
  • Always include neutral colors—Patterns can make things look cluttered and messy if not used properly. To break a busy pattern, include neutral and plain colors in between the patterns. Neutral colors can also help balance loud or bright colors, especially on walls and large furniture.
  • Don’t go over three patterns—A basic rule about patterns is that you should never go over three of them in a single space. One to three patterns should be enough. For example, if you want them in your bedroom, the design of your pillows can be different from your bedsheet and blanket. If all these items have different patterns, the rest of the room should be plain and simple.

Colors and patterns are fundamental elements in interior design. Learning about them may seem irrelevant to some people. However, if you understand a few concepts about these elements, you will find it easier to redesign your home in the future. Aside from this, you will also find new opportunities to change your home’s design whenever you want. You don’t always need to consult experts to decide on a new wall paint color. You don’t have to browse the Internet to copy designs from someone else’s home. Now, you won’t find it complicated to improve your interior design, especially when it just involves colors and patterns.

At Home: How to Protect Furniture from Your Pets

Dog and owner

Sofas and pets usually don’t go well together. We still don’t know why cats love scratching on sofas and why dogs are so fond of biting on it. Most of them even prefer chewing on it rather than their own toys! Luckily, though, there are things you can do to keep this furniture safe from your lovely pets. Below, we will discuss how you can protect your new sofa from your pets. Keep these in mind before buying that sofa online or from a local shop.

Place a few pet toys next to the sofa

Try placing a few toys next to the sofa and see if your pet will pay attention to them rather than the sofa. If you have a dog, then consider placing something they can bite on. If you have a cat, you can try placing their cat condo or a scratching post near the sofa so they can turn their attention to that instead.

Not all toys will be loved by your pet, though, so make sure to choose the once that they truly love or else, they will still be nibbling on your couch instead of the toy.

Keep their nails trimmed

Cats love scratching on things, and unfortunately, they especially love the texture of the sofa. If you want to keep them from ruining the brand new sofa you just bought, consider having their nails trimmed regularly.

Now, you have to remember that cats can be sensitive, and they are usually not welcome to the thought of someone cutting their own nails. If you are not used to cutting their claws, have a professional groomer do it instead. Also, you should never declaw a cat since this can harm them. Regular nail or claw trimming is usually the key to a better-looking sofa.

Get a couch cover

If your cat or dog still wouldn’t give up on nibbling or scratching on your sofa, you might want to consider getting a couch cover. This will keep your sofa from getting damaged by your pet because they simply would not be interested in nibbling or scratching on it anymore. You can also try placing their favourite pet bed close to the sofa, as this is a great way to control fur dispersal, which can be difficult to remove from your sofa later on.

Give them lots of exercise

Dog playing ball

Dogs and cats usually have way too much energy, so you should let them play in your backyard to get some exercise. Dogs are especially super energetic, which is why it is important to take them on to walks regularly. Aside from getting your pet in better shape and health, you will also allow them to use up the extra energy they have inside their bodies. If you do not have enough time to take them on a walk, then consider hiring a dog walker or a sitter to do it for you instead.

Don’t ever punish your dog or cat for scratching or nibbling on your sofa, as they would not be able to understand what they did wrong. Apply the tips that we have discussed above so you can have a perfect-looking sofa even when your pet is around.

The Role of Time Management in Wedding Planning

After getting engaged, most couples become overwhelmed with all the wedding preparations. It is a common scenario, especially to couples who want to be hands-on in all the planning. A lot of things need to be accomplished, so couples have to make necessary and careful preparations. Time management is crucial because you need to handle various responsibilities. It will be more complicated and challenging if you and your partner both have full-time jobs. However, you need to finish all the tasks so that you can have a successful wedding.

Keep in mind that the wedding is only the first day as being husband and wife. If you and your partner don’t realize the importance of time management by this time, you will likely experience marriage problems in the future. For instance, you need to schedule meetings for booking suppliers. Here are a few people that you need to find:

  • Wedding planner/coordinator
  • Ceremony and reception venue
  •  Videographers/Photographers
  • Hair and Make-Up Artist
  • Caterer
  • Event Stylist
  • Host
  • Wedding outfit designers
  • Invitation supplier
  • DJ/Musician/Wedding Singer

These are only some of the most important suppliers and vendors that you need to book for your wedding. Make sure that you check their availability for the date of your wedding. If you want to avoid getting stressed during your special day, you need to ensure that they will show up during that day. For example, if you are having trouble booking a hairstylist, you can start looking for other suppliers for mobile hair and makeup in the Gold Coast. If your favorite photographer is booked on your date, find someone else as soon as possible. It would help if you had a few choices for each supplier. This way, you will have more options to check out if one of them is not available.

How to Manage Your Time

Man looking at his watch

There are a few tricks to ensure that you can plan for the wedding even if you have a 9-to-5 job. The key is to learn how to divide your time correctly. Here are a few practical tips to help you and your partner get started with the preparations:

  • Create a to-do list with your spouse.
  • Form a team or ask for assistance from friends and relatives.
  • Set a timeline for all the tasks that you need to accomplish.
  • Set specific dates or times when you will only focus on wedding preparations.
  • Accomplish other obligations early, such as work or house chores.
  • Choose how to use your spare time wisely.

Learning how to manage your time early is essential, especially if you are planning to settle down soon. Wedding planning is only the first step. All the preparations will test your time as well as financial management skills. You need to plan early if you want to get the best rates as well as the best wedding vendors. If you learn how to manage your time today, your wedding will be a successful one.

After the wedding, you will improve your time management skills. You will need more of this skill during the marriage. It’s a great opportunity to prepare you and your spouse for bigger challenges, such as raising a child in the future.  Ensure that both of you are working towards having a better and lasting relationship. Learning how to manage time together is an excellent first step towards a successful marriage.