Unique Gifts to Give People Who Have Everything

Deciding what perfect gift to give is already difficult in itself, but this could prove more challenging if you are giving to someone who seems to have everything from the top of the line gadgets to prized jewellery.

While it might seem that you won’t find any decent gift ideas for people who already have everything, there are still gifts that could surely bring delight to your intended recipient.

Something Personalized

Items that seem ordinary become special when they are given a personal touch. Try to give something personalized to a friend or family member to make the gift more meaningful.

When you give something embroidered or engraved with the recipient’s name or designed particularly for that person, you show that you put an extra effort and thought into giving the perfect gift.

Personalised items need not expensive too. You can give drink sets as gifts. Alcohol is always a classy choice — with an engraved box or glasses, or a leather journal embossed with the recipient’s name or initials.


If you’re giving a gift to someone who appears to have enough material things, think beyond tangible items and consider giving experience instead. You can prepay for an event, class or experience that you think could give the person memory and even skills. These are more valuable compared with expensive devices or clothes he or she likely already have.

Depending on the interest of the person, you can prepay for a cooking class if he or she is interested in learning new cuisines, tickets for a new movie, photography class so your recipient learns how to take better pictures with his new camera, a meditation class, a hot air balloon ride, or a much-needed vacation to some exotic destination.

Something for Their Collection

If the recipient is a collector of anything, add something that can be added to this collection. If the person is a bibliophile who collects old or limited edition books, you might want to give a book that will likely stir his or her interest.

Charity Donation

volunteer at a charity

You can donate to a charity instead of giving a gift to your intended recipient. There are likely a number of charities and causes that are likely close to the recipient’s heart. A loved one who is passionate about cancer research will likely appreciate you giving a donation on their behalf to the American Cancer Society.

If your friend is passionate about the conservation of threatened species and habitats, you can donate money to the World Wildlife Fund. You may also want to check credible crowdfunding sites to see if there are individuals like patients battling with cancer who can benefit from this gift.

You do not have to give materials things if you are giving a gift to someone who has everything. Giving is not all about selecting the most expensive or even the perfect item.

It is showing how you love and appreciate the person in a way that you are willing to think of the things that he or she is passionate about. This can make your gift more meaningful.