Surprise Your Friends: Some Refreshing Champagne Cocktails to Try

Champagne is already good on its own. But that does not mean that it cannot get any better. You can think of this sparkling drink as a blank canvas, which you can use for your cocktails. It is the foundation of infinite possibilities. You just have to be brave and creative.

A slew of champagne cocktail recipes will certainly surprise your friends and family. Serve them when you hold a dinner party at your home. Or you may want to make them for your consumption on a quiet Friday night. The same refreshing beverages are something that you can come up with when your office volunteered you to be their party bartender. Here are some drinks that will make you gift yourself or your friends a champagne delivery on any occasion.

Basic Yet Great: Mimosas

Perhaps mimosas are the easiest cocktails to make, as some ingredients can be found in your fridge right away. For basic mimosas, just mix 2 oz. of orange juice with 4 oz. of brut champagne. But if you prefer to put in some hard work, apple cider mimosas may do the trick. The same champagne can be mixed with apple cider and a bit of cinnamon whiskey for that aromatic effect. In case you want an explosion of fruity flavors, blushing mimosas maybe that drink you are looking for; just mix your champagne with parts of orange juice, pineapple juice, and grenadine.

For Big Parties: Fruit Punch

fruit punch

If you are looking to have a big birthday bash or a victory party at your home, you will need to accommodate your visitors’ alcoholic cravings. For practicality, why not make a fruit punch: with champagne! Just mix in a bottle of club soda or regular soda, pineapple slices, orange slices, orange rinds, strawberries, and mint with your champagne. For an extra kick, add some ounces of brandy and orange liqueur.

Dessert Cravings: Floats

For solo Friday nights, you will want to treat yourself by cooking yourself a slab of steak and a fancy dessert. This time, hit two birds with one stone with a champagne float — you get to enjoy some bubbly while satisfying your sweet tooth. For a fruity taste, just add a scoop of vanilla ice cream on your Moscato, add raspberries or strawberry syrup, and top it with a cherry. Try other variations, such as chocolate and mocha ice cream.

For Summer Get-Togethers: Slushies

Summers are for garden and backyard parties. So other than barbecues, clubhouse sandwiches, and finger foods, quench your guests’ thirst with champagne slushies. Just mix fruits of your choice, ice, and some parts of champagne. Garnish with fruit and mint leaf, and you’re good to go!

Champagne is not just an iconic and flexible drink. It can be your blank canvas when you are making tasty and exciting cocktails. It can be incorporated into a wide range of drinks (or cooking) that will suit any occasion. There are many recipes, like the ones above, that you can use to wow your family and friends. If you want to find out what actually works, never stop experimenting.